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Mamma and I are going to Michigan in a few weeks to see my grandma and grandpa.

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A grandmother by any other name still smells like fresh baked cookies.Zeni: A grandmother whose middle name is Inez decided to reverse it to create her own unique grandmother name.This site complies with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information: verify here.

Believe it or not, conflicts sometimes break out over grandparent names.

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Pam-ma: A young grandmother rejected Grandma but okayed this variation on her given name of Pam.Just remember: Until your grandchild actually starts calling you by your chosen grandparent nickname, you are in limbo.My children called one couple grandad and grandma and the other grandpa and.For example, Grandpa Bob or Grandpa Tim. Names from Other Cultures.

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BooBoo: A grandfather who played peek-a-boo with his grandson ended up being called Booboo.

Avoid difficulties and find your perfect name as you check out other names for grandparents.

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The Polish name for grandmother is babcia, but there are many variations like babula, babusia, busia, and baba.

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Cool Names for Boomer Grandparents. and Grandpa are their go-to names.Line Between Parenting and Grandparenting Should Not Be Blurred.Verywell Family uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience.Mia: A grandmother whose own grandmother was named Amelia chose a shortened form to honor her.

Create unique gifts for Grandparents Day, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and other special.Yannie-Yannie: Granny Annie somehow got turned into Yannie-Yannie by a grandchild.

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Bop-Bop: A grandfather who had decided to be Pop-Pop changed his mind when his granddaughter called him Bop-Bop and added a little dance.

Botchie: A grandson who was instructed to call his grandfather Pops somehow came up with Botch, which eventually evolved into Botchie.Nona and Nono are Italian equivalents of the English words "Grandma" and "Grandpa.".

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It just so happens that his wife is called Nana, so together they are NanaBooboo.